Marriott Business Council Philippines Makes Sustainability Sweet with Care Candies

 Marriott, Sheraton, and Courtyard takes actions to reduce waste through Care Candies

Marriott Business Council Philippines takes part in the global movement to minimize food waste with the launch of Care Candies available for sale and as guest room amenity on the following participating Marriott properties: Manila Marriott, Clark Marriott, Sheraton Manila Bay, Sheraton Manila, and Courtyard by Marriott Iloilo

Care Candies are made of candied watermelon rinds compactly packaged on a rose gold tin can. It is available in 5 distinct flavors that are exclusive to each property. Guests may take home a pack for only Php 150 or enjoy it as an amenity when staying at any of the participating properties. In addition to its environmental objective, proceeds from the sale of the Care Candies shall be directed to raise funds to support the Save the Children Foundation. 

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Why Dancers May Be Exactly What Your Party Needs

Throwing a party takes a ton of work, which is why people often get together to plan a party: so not everything is laid upon one person. There’s the guest list, the food buying, the supplies to get, and the entertainment.

Photo by Julia Volk from Pexels

Now, you could go the easy route and play some music from your phone out of a speaker, but not every party is going to be a backyard barbeque. Maybe you’re in charge of throwing a company soiree at a Nevada conference hall with important players milling about everywhere.

Might Las Vegas dancers be good for that kind of gathering?

No matter where this event is, we’re thinking dancers will be a welcome addition to the entertainment docket. Why? Here are some good reasons.

They Can Socialize, Too

Dancers aren’t just for showing up to do their act and then high-tail it out of there. Dancers can become part of the very fabric of your event. They can stand at the front doors and greet guests as they arrive, inviting them to take a seat and be on the lookout for the formalities to start.

Of course, everyone will see the dancers on stage eventually, and even afterward, the entertainers can mingle with everyone who’s already there, speaking about the performance and making light conversation. This is a great way to help everyone break some of that ice.

Dancers Can Double as Party Roles

If the dancers you’re looking to hire are okay with it, you can also have some of them double as role players at the event. See, live entertainment can sometimes serve as emcees of sorts as these kinds of things.

Instead of having your dancers show up to dance on stage and then take it easy for the night, why not have a few act as announcers, cake presenters, award givers, or entertainers of some of the children in the audience?

Again, check with your entertainers to see what they prefer, but if you can save some time and money by doubling up roles, why not go for the more cohesive theme by giving your dancers more to do?

Dancers Can Determine the Mood

A party can die without the right overall feel to it. And that feel is often determined by the music going on in the background. If you are having an event at a banquet hall or some other place that’s more than a little formal, dancers can break that tension by really starting everybody off in an air of celebration. It would be hard for guests to stay stone-faced with the fun of a dance team going in the background.

Ultimately, as you have learned, dancers can serve your event in many more ways than just literally dancing on a stage. Use your entertainment the right way, and they are sure to present many returns to you as the night goes on.

Factors to Consider in Choosing Boston Rentals

Being one of the most populous cities in the United States, it is not surprising that it can be very challenging to find the ideal rental in Boston. It is considered one of the most economically powerful cities in the world. Reputable colleges and universities abound. The city's culture is rich by virtue of its history. Food options are many.

Photo by Aubrey Odom on Unsplash

All these make it easy to understand why competition among renters is stiff. According to recent research by Zumper, 66% of occupied housing units in Boston are renter-occupied as compared to 35% owner-occupied households.  This clearly shows just how many renters are competing over choice properties.
So what are the factors to consider in choosing Boston rentals? Here are the most important:
1. Timing of Search
When it comes to finding the right apartment in Boston, doing an early search is essential. This means starting your search several months before the target date of occupancy. Vacancy rate of properties for rent is very low so starting early provides more choices. January is the best time to start a lease in Boston while September is the worst because of the high number of students starting theirs.
Moving slowly in closing the rental deal may mean having to settle for less than your first priority because another renter beat you to it. It is common for renters to end up paying a higher rent because of so-called bidding wars. Using an online rental platform for your search gives you an advantage.

Photo by Naomi Hébert on Unsplash
2. Charges and Fees
Getting complete information about charges and fees is critical. It is obviously the first thing that you need to hurdle before the actual lease period starts. By law, owners can charge the first and last month's rent, security deposit equal to one month's rent, and a fee to buy and install new locks. 
Make sure to check the physical condition of the property so you don't end up having your security deposit forfeited for damages which are not your doing. Renter's insurance can provide coverage for accidents and natural disasters. Don't forget to ask about the inclusions of the rental rate such as utilities,storage, and parking.
3. Accessibility
Whether you are transferring to Boston to study or work, accessibility is a major issue. Traffic and long commutes can easily offset whatever advantage you first saw in your rented property. In the long run, this might even be the reason for you not to finish a lease agreement which will definitely cost you.
It would be ideal to view the property in person to have a first hand experience of traveling to the place. If this is not possible, requesting someone you trust in the area to check it for you is highly recommended. If still impossible, research can come in handy.
If you are to stay in Boston for quite some time, make sure you have considered the factors mentioned above before you sign on that dotted line. 

5 Budgeting Strategies You Should Consider

Daily household budgeting is almost like a test of mental acumen that challenges not only the homemaker but the whole family as well. Aside from food, there are other needs that have to be provided for. The cooperation of each member is needed to make any budget work.

Photo by Ashraf Ali on Unsplash

Here are 5 Budgeting Strategies you should consider:

Outline Income and Expenses

The key to winning any battle is to know what you have and what you need to prepare for. It's the same with budgeting. You have to know how much money is coming in and how much money goes to necessary regular expenses. 

The focus on necessary expenses at this point cannot be overemphasized. It has to be said that needs take priority over wants. These are expenses that you cannot do away with to live with dignity.

Set Aside Savings

This is where many people commit a mistake. Many think that savings is that amount that is left after payments to needs and wants are satisfied. Guess what? Nothing remains if this is how you do it.

It is critical to set aside a specific amount regularly for savings before you start ticking off your wants. Wants are endless. Being able to set aside a certain amount every month from your salary or business shows that you are preparing for any eventuality or future plan.

Photo by Atoms on Unsplash

Be Conscious of Food Costs

The total food costs of a household may not be readily evident. Aside from the weekly grocery or market shopping, there will always be other incidental food expenses. Life happens, so there may be a need to order food sometimes, there may be a craving that needs to be satisfied, or unplanned celebrations that cannot wait. 

Any unplanned expense will definitely wreck havoc on a budget precisely because they were not taken into account when the budget was being considered. Since food is a daily need, it can easily escalate when we relax our guard too much. Make sure not to deprive yourself and your family the simple pleasure of enjoying good food without breaking the bank.

Pay Off Debts

Debts come with interests and penalties,not to mention possible legal issues. The longer they remain unpaid, the higher the costs incurred. Imagine having a huge chunk of your income just going to payment of penalties instead of the principal. 

It is to your best interest to pay on time to avoid the burden of unpaid loans increasing rather than decreasing through time. Paying off debts in time allow you to move on to your next plans especially those that require funds. Debt payment should always be included in the budget.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Set Up Realistic Goals

A budget that has been set up so strictly to the point of being unrealistic will surely result to failure. If you have considered all of the above, you have a pretty good idea of your financial options. Work within your means while always striving to improve your financial capability.

Look for additional income. Remove unnecessary expenses that are making you miserable after because you don't have the means to pay. Set aside some money to ease your worries about the future. Honor your financial commitments and establish a reputation that lenders love to cater to. Strategize the budget with your household members so everybody will be in sync with the goal.

Gardenia Rolling Bread Store

The Gardenia Rolling Bread Store is rolling along different villages and residential areas to bring bread value packs to consumers. Today, the Gardenia truck entered our village to do just that. It is a welcome convenience since there is no need to go out to enjoy bread.

Rolling stores are not exactly new in the food industry. They were already in existence even before mechanical vehicles were invented. It was common to see horse drawn rolling stores bringing their merchandise to the people instead of buyers having to go to town to buy what they need.

Eventually, bright-painted trucks would be seen stopping regularly on designated stops where buyers can go to. The offerings of rolling stores are varied, ranging from food to tools and clothing, or whatever sellers think is saleable. People started looking forward to the arrival of these stores on wheels.

We were able to buy several bread value packs offered by the Gardenia Rolling Bread Store. Obviously, buyers already have specific favorites which they look for. What is nice about the value packs is that it comes in pairs so we definitely get good value for P100 per pack. 

When to Order Meal Packs

If people had their way, many would opt for home-cooked food. When this becomes impossible, meal packs can come to the rescue. Convenience is the main factor especially when there is time constraint and there is lack of hands that can help in the kitchen.

So go ahead and order your preferred meal packs under the following cirumstances:

1. When you're pressed for time and you'll know family members will have to suffer eating way past meal time - It happens. You're working or something came up that prevented you from cooking. Unless someone else can do the cooking, then ordering meal packs will be a life saver. 

2.  When you get unexpected guests and there is no way you can whip up a meal in time, then meal packs can be an option - Cooking with your guests, especially if they are close friends or relatives can be another option, if you feel comforable enough to do it with them. It might even be a nice bonding opportunity.

3. When you have an activity involving a large number of people - Such activities are stressful by themselves so you don't need to add the pressure of food preparation. Let the professionals do it and put your attention to other important responsibilities.

Actually, ordering meal packs is fine for any other reason. You want to rest, order one. You want to sample a new offering, order one. You simply want to, order one. Just always practice safety procedures in ordering. It's like eating out in the comfort of your home.

Why Turon Remains a Popular Filipino Snack

Turon is a popular Filipino snack consisting of thinly sliced bananas rolled in lumpia wrapper, dusted with sugar then fried. From its original presentation usually sold as street food to unique presentations in coffee shops and more sophisticated variations served in high-end restaurants, this simple food continues to appeal to the Filipino palate.

According to historical accounts, turon was first introduced in Philippine communities near banana trees and crop fields. Apparently, these are surplus from the harvest. This delicious banana treat turned up at roadsides in makeshift stores.

Its main appeal lies in its very simplicity. The number of ingredients needed is quite few but more can certainly be added depending on personal preference. There are no special tools needed to cook it. With a frying pan and syanse (kitchen turner), crispy turons are easily produced.

It is fun to reinvent. The number of ingredients needed is quite few but more can certainly be added depending on personal preference. Bananas can also be replaced by other fillings and you still get the same satisfaction, unless you are especially fond of bananas.

Turon is here to stay. Even the retail giant SM found profitable business in selling it. Who would have imagined that a snack that can still be bought relatively cheap can result to such profit. This is probably the result of catering to the common Filipinos' certified comfort food.