Eating Out: Signs of the Times?

No, we're not referring to any religious meaning when we ask this question. Rather, we are asking if eating out is actually just a manifestation of how the eating habits of people living in the modern times have been revolutionized. Why are more and more people choosing to eat out instead of dining at home?

There are several reasons why:


What could be more convenient than hauling your family to the nearest restaurant and just ordering away according to individual preferences? No cooking, washing, and cleaning up after, right? We are living in a time when 24 hours just don't seem enough to get everything done so every form of convenience is welcome.


Wouldn't it be fantastic to have every choice of cuisine available to us? While we can have this as well at home, it does require more effort and preparation. Thinking of how to come up with at least 3 balanced meals a day is challenging enough but creating variety for family food can really be difficult especially if the homemaker is also holding a regular job.

Special Occasions

This is not of course to say that home-cooked food is not good enough for special occasions. Most of the times though, special occasions also require the homemaker to have some time off cooking and preparing food for the family. Eating out on special occasions relieves one person of the burden of having to attend to everything. After all, special occasions should be for every member of the family or group. There is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying a different ambiance and good restaurant service once in a while.

Signs of the Times

Preference for eating out is one of the signs of the times indeed. Many individuals and families are rushing all throughout the weekdays thus eating out or buying cooked food to go can be the easiest option. Households however need to be conscious of its effect in the budget. One other major consideration is ensuring that the family's health is not compromised with our choices.


  1. For me, it's mainly because I'm can't cook any decent meal. LOL.

  2. Eating out would serve another purpose for me - to learn a new recipe. When I get to try a dish I like at the restaurant, I try to remember the flavors and re-create something like it at home. :)

  3. My say, today's generation are just plain LAZY.

  4. I've noticed that as well. And I also seldom cook myself--do not have the time for it, unfortunately. :(

  5. I like to have a say on the ingredients on my food so I cook every day except the weekend. I earned to cook after I get married by trial and error. Not easy, but with willingness to learn, it's doable :-)

  6. It is the sign of the times. Back then the traditional family setup is the father works and the mother stays at home to cook meals and take care of the family. The world has changed dramatically, parents both work and sometimes have to juggle several jobs. I see no reason for them to eat out than ask the mother (usually in this case) to cook dinner for the family.

  7. In our family, we would choose either to eat out or just cook special meals at home. In birthdays, there are times that we would eat out but if we're on the budget and not in the mood to go out, we would buy lechon manok, liempo, pancit and fruit juice.

  8. I love eating out at times because you get to eat and try recipes and dishes that you could not cook at home. It is however still, economical to cook your meal at home, but eating out could be a good family bonding activity too.

  9. We are probably one of those families being portrayed here! Maybe it's laziness too! Here, I noticed people are too busy and tired to actually prepare meals for themselves. I am careful in choosing where to eat though.