Grocery Shopping as a Family Activity

Once upon a time, weekend marketing or grocery shopping was a task performed by the primary homemaker in a household. Today, that is no longer strictly true. A typical grocery day will have families, even with the youngest member, in tow. 

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This interesting development has much to do with the immense improvement in the set-up of supermarkets. They do not only sell everything under the sun. They also do so in a very comfortable ambiance usually within a mall. Thus grocery shopping has become an enjoyable family activity, almost akin to a toned-down shopping spree for food and household necessities.

So what has this resulted to?

Democratized Decision-Making

Children, no matter what age have learned to exert their influence on what to buy. Parents or the mother no longer have the sole power to choose. This can go both ways depending on the budget and the children's insistence for a preferred item.

Highly-Targeted Promotion

The packaging of products, the sample booths on the side, and the give-away items attached to products all aim for one thing - for the products to be bought by consumers. Most will be targeting either the whole family or particular members of the family. Manufacturers try to second-guess how purchasing decisions are made in groceries and supermarkets resulting to highly-targeted promotion towards the family.

Centralized Convenience

Almost everything can now be bought in groceries and supermarkets. Families need not go to different stores for their every need except for the highly specialized ones. What they don't find inside the grocery, they will surely find within the mall. This has given families more time to spend together while having the opportunity to decide as a group what to fill their cart with.


  1. I agree, grocery shopping is our family activity and we really love shopping together.

  2. this i usually go the the grocery myself because my husband is working and my daughter goes to school but every sunday we have some chance to go three of us and get our fave foods

  3. I do not like to go grocery shopping with the whole family. I prefer to go by myself, that way I can get the best deal without all the kiddie drama. Also I can leave when I want to not wait around for everyone else to finish looking.

    1. Oh yes, sometimes I do shop alone especially during days when the budget and time is really limited. Generally though, I love bringing them along particularly now that my children are not that young any more to create much fuss when they are not bought what they like. It also makes the process of choosing their snacks much easier as they do it themselves given some health and budget guidelines.