Know Your Food Facts and Fallacies

Food is certainly a favorite topic of human beings. This is not at all surprising, considering that it is part of our everyday lives whether for survival or enjoyment. It is important that we know how to differentiate between food facts and fallacies so we will be guided accordingly with our choices.

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Here are some of the reasons why:

To Be Safe

When a food fad hits the market, the tendency for most people is to ride in the bandwagon. Delightful eating experiences have often resulted from trying something new and this isn't a bad thing. Consumers will have to be more discriminating however with newly introduced food that comes with some health benefit claims. While most would be relatively harmless and could be merely a promotional hype, some claims can be deadly.

To Avoid Unnecessary Deprivation

It is highly possible that many of us are unnecessarily depriving ourselves of enjoying or benefiting from certain food items due to misinformation. In the same manner that we are careful with what we take in our body, we should likewise be more scrutinizing of any food before we outrightly reject it. This would entail doing some research and asking around for personal experiences from other people.

To Know

We'll never really know when we will be able to use food information we have come across in our readings or interacting with other people. What is important is that the information is already there for the picking. Knowing is power.


  1. I agree with you Miss Tere when it comes to riding the food fad bandwagon. It is very common here in the Philippines. There's the buffet bandwagon, doughnuts bandwagon, chocolate hazelnut spread bandwagon, ice cream bandwagon, and more! Hehehehe!

  2. I'm just a flexible person when it comes to food. I ate when I liked it and tasted when new to my senses.