European Culinary Season 2014 at The Aristocrat Restaurant, Manila

Most of the time, we have to travel far and wide just to sample authentic foreign dishes. Fortunately for me, it was not so last June 30. I had the pleasure of attending the European Culinary Season 2014 Culmination at The Aristocrat Restaurant in Roxas Boulevard, Manila and found myself sampling Greek food at its best.

Greek Cooking Demonstration

The event started off with a cooking demonstration by Chef Anthony Kouroustsavouris of the Culinary Institute of Aristocrat. The audience which was mostly made up of culinary students and cooking enthusiasts learned how to prepare Greek salad, shrimp saganaki (appetizer served with shrimp, feta cheese, and tomatoes), chicken pie, and kataifi (a popular Greek pastry made with a special form of shredded phyllo dough). Chef Anthony also shared some tips in the Greek way of food handling.

Enchanting Greek Cocktails

The cooking demonstration was followed by a Fil-Greco cocktail reception hosted by Ms. Priscila Reyes Pacheco, President of the Aristocrat. Lending their presence in this culminating event are EU ambassadors and cultural counselors including EU Ambassador Guy Ledoux as well as chefs and representatives from partner restaurants. Invited guests were treated to sumptuous Greek food comprising of tzatsiki, pita bread, salad, spentsofai, mousaka, and the 4 dishes demonstrated during the cooking demo. Filipino food was represented through The Aristocrat Restaurant's pritson kawali, chicken and pork barbecue. 

No event will be complete without hearing words from the people who made this event possible. Ms. Maryjo Reyes Feraren, Ms. Priscila Reyes Pacheco, and Ambassador Guy Ledoux, each expressed their gratitude for those who have actively participated in the event. Ms. Pacheco also shared her thoughts about how much alike Filipino and Greek food cultures are. Both are family-oriented and special occasions are given much attention to ensure that food is thoroughly enjoyed. 

Rediscovering European Food Culture and Heritage

Every detail was Greek-inspired. From the women clad in Greek muses' attire to the "breaking of plates", the guests were given a glimpse of Greek culture. The European Culinary Season however which ran from May to June 2014 also allowed Filipinos to rediscover European food culture from other countries including Austria, Czech Republic, France,Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.


  1. Woooo! Greek cuisine! It is not showcased heavily as compared to Italian or Spanish cuisine but is also very sumptuous! ^_^

  2. The European Setup looks really elegant. This is a nice initiative to showcase different country's cuisines.

  3. I agree, nowadays we don't need to travel far just to taste different cuisines because it is now available here in the Philippines.

  4. Aside from Thai food, what I really wanted to learn more is Greek cuisine.

  5. Giving the chance to rediscover the foreign cuisine in our own native land is such a remarkable experience. I love this concept.

  6. What a cool ice sculpture, so beautifully lit up. I'd love to see your beautiful photographs above the fold on most of your pages. They really draw in the reader :)