Family Heirloom Recipe - Continuing the Tradition

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Do you have a family heirloom recipe you treasure and guard with your life? You've probably written it somewhere - in a piece of paper, an index card, a notebook perhaps? Some have it in their hearts where it will stay until it is time to pass it on to the next generation.

Sense of Unity

It is such a waste for family heirloom recipes to be buried along with their creators. While many hold on to faded and smudged copies of written recipes, it would be best to pass the knowledge by having the older and younger generation cook together. This way, what is passed on is not limited to recipes as memories and experiences are also created.

Seal of Approval

The fact that a family heirloom recipe is passed on from generation to generation signifies the stamp of approval given by family members. It wouldn't endure that long if it did not carry the family seal of approval.  Younger generations may sometimes try to modify the recipe to make it their own  but the original will always have a special place.

Sentimental Value

More than the monetary value which a family heirloom recipe can represent, it is the sentimental value that families give more weight to. Its flavor and taste evokes nostalgia. It is that one food that will have its presence felt on dinner tables and family members could go on for hours telling stories about it.

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  1. I have several ms. Teresa; thanks for the post and reminder :)