Hansel Premium Biscuits: Luxury in Taste and Feel


I have been eating the Hansel Premium Cheese Sandwich for several years now. For the first time though, I ate it in an atmosphere of premium elegance, inside a running hummer limousine, with a goblet of wine on one hand and a Hansel biscuit on the other. This I did while engaging in a relaxing chitchat with representatives of the Republic Biscuit Corporation (Rebisco), the makers of Hansel, and six other bloggers.

I was quite happy to discover that Hansel Premium is also available in the Peanut Butter variant. I haven't seen one in any of the supermarkets and groceries in our area. This is why this bloggers' event organized by Rebisco is quite timely to create more awareness for a product that consumers should really try, that is if they hadn't done so yet.

Hansel Premium biscuits have the advantage of being backed by an established name in the food industry. Rebisco is now going on its 51st year, making not only biscuits but also cakes and breads, nuts and seeds, candies and gums, chips and curls, chocolates, rolled wafers, and gelatin. Its mission: To provide quality snack food that will satisfy the world.

From the very time I tasted the Hansel Premium Cheese Sandwich, I knew it is a cut above the rest. Its taste is comparable to a popular imported brand. Of course, this is not to say that imported brands are better than local brands. The comparison simply points out to the fact that consumers can get products comparable to the taste and quality of international brands for a much lower cost. Most cost-conscious mothers like me who would still like the family to enjoy good food can readily appreciate this option.

It was fun going on this ride. Seeing the many awed stares of the people we passed while riding the hummer limousine was priceless. Many thanks Rebisco for this exciting experience. 


  1. You're so lucky to ride in a limousine while eating Hansel Biscuits! Waaahh!

    1. Oh I had so much fun riding the limo and you should have seen the look on the people's faces wherever the limo passed. They must have thought there were celebrities inside.

  2. Parang hollywood celebs ang peg! I hope makasakay din ako sa limo someday. ^_^