Which is Better - Butter or Margarine?

The argument as to whether which is better between butter and margarine continues as each side tries to present supporting proofs of their superiority over the other. This question has been hanging over our heads for quite some time. To help us all come up with a wise choice, here are some interesting information about butter and margarine.


Butter is usually made from cow's milk. It can also be manufactured from other mammals milk like sheep, goat, yak, and buffalo. Margarine is typically made from vegetable oils, water, and sometimes milk. Here lies the contention of why many believe margarine is healthier than butter. Butter contains animal fat thus the notion that it comes with cholesterol and high levels of saturated fat. Not all margarine however are healthy because of the presence of trans fat which has the same effect as saturated fat.


Butter is made by churning fresh or fermented cream or milk. Its color is dependent on the animal feed. Food color is used to produce a color ranging from white to deep yellow. Margarine is produced by emulsifying a blend of vegetable oils and fats. Some refer to this as a "chemical" process as opposed to the "natural" making of butter. It is also dyed yellow to make it more appetizing since it comes out white as lard.


Butter generally fares better in the taste category. Margarine enthusiasts however are quick to point out that taste can adjust for health's sake. Butter fans on the other hand swear by its sublime flavor.

The Butter-Margarine War

The war between butter and margarine has been raging for over 100 years. This is not about to change. The main issues are nutrition, flavor, and the process involved in making them.


  1. I'd say butter but then again, I miss having margarine hehehe.

  2. I'll go for butter because it tastes better. I was never a fan of margarine though.

  3. For butter, I'd go for pure European; for margarine: Filipino style lang po ako :)