A Real Treat for Popcorn Lovers

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Popcorn has always been my favorite snack. I like all kinds and will try any, given the chance. Recently, I discovered popcorn from Chicago Popcorn Shops and I love it.

What has gotten me really excited is that I got to know while searching online that their popcorn comes in different flavors and packaging sizes. I saw in their Facebook page that they offer plain, caramel, chocolate, butter, and cheddar cheese flavors. 

I have only tasted one variant in the red tin can so far and it came with a delicious assortment of nuts. It seems that this popcorn has been available for quite a while already and I didn't know it.

This popcorn is only available in their shops usually located at malls. That probably explains it as our family rarely go to malls. The next time we have the chance, I'll ask my mommy if we can try the other flavors. 

She thinks that the popcorn in cans would make very nice gifts to family and friends especially this coming holidays.

This is a real treat for certified popcorn lovers like me.

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  1. This looks so yummy. I've always been buying Chef Tony's but I think it's time to try this. I saw their branch at Greenbelt.