The Four Restaurant Types Offered to the Dining Public

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The dining public has at least four general restaurant types to choose from - Fine Dining, Casual Dining, Fast-Casual, and Quick Service. Each is actually self-explanatory merely by the terms used. It would useful though to take note of the differences between them so you will know exactly what type to look for the next time you decide to dine out.

Fine Dining

Fine Dining restaurants are full-service establishments usually identified with the upscale market. It is true that dining in these establishments usually costs more. This is probably the biggest challenge for fine dining restaurants especially in the face of tight economic conditions. This higher cost though can be attributed to the service style and ambiance provided. 

Personnel working in fine dining restaurants are very well-trained and experienced. The atmosphere denotes elegance and prestige which add to the perceived value of the restaurant and its services. Excellent food presentation, service efficiency, and impressive cleanliness are just some of the elements expected to be seen in  a fine dining restaurant. Anything less will not be deemed worthy of the price.

Casual Dining

Casual dining restaurants present a lower-priced version of a full-service food establishment. The demeanor of restaurant personnel is less formal than in fine dining restaurants but without sacrificing efficiency and professionalism. Because of the less formal atmosphere, families who are still looking for unique food choices find this a preferable restaurant type.

Servers take the order of customers after they are seated by a host. Restaurants belonging to this category usually seek to differentiate themselves from the others through unique themes and food offerings. Competition among restaurants can be very stiff thus the tendency towards specialization.

Fast-Casual Dining  

Fast-casual dining restaurants are considered the mid-range between casual dining and quick-service restaurant in terms of service style and price range. Although almost similar to quick service restaurants in ordering food from a service counter, the quality of food offered by fast-casual dining establishments are often perceived as better. It is the same thing with the offered service.

This type of restaurant attracts a wide base of customers because of the flexibility and relative affordability. Customers generally want to enjoy good food minus the somewhat slow pace of service that characterizes more formal restaurants. They prefer to have the convenience of speedy service.


Quick-service is the equivalent of fast service and maximized convenience. People know this as fast-food restaurants. Customers expect to be served freshly-cooked food sometimes at an instant. Thus, quick-service restaurants typically have made prior preparations for fast cooking.

Some display their complete range of viands in food equipment that continually warms them, ready to be plated upon order. Assembly-line food service also falls under this category which is typical of hamburger chains. This type of restaurant appears to be the most popular choice because of the very hurried pace of living of most people.


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