What's in a Milo Drink?

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Have you ever wondered what's in a Milo drink?   I did and so I searched for the answer. Here is what I got.

It turns out that Milo has 3 basic ingredients responsible for its chocomaltee taste - cocoa, malted barley, and milk. 


Cocoa, also known to many as chocolate, is considered by many as a health miracle due to the various health benefits it provides to human beings. What makes it very acceptable is its pleasurable taste. It is a very good source of magnesium and phosporous.

Malted Barley

Milo is actually a result of evaporating the water content from a thick opaque syrup obtained from malted barley. The soft solid that is produced are then broken up into the granular form which regular drinkers are very familiar with. 


Being an energy drink, the inclusion of milk does not come as a surprise at all. Milk is known to be a complete food so there is no doubt with regards to the nutritional value it provides. It also lends its creamy taste to complete the Milo recipe.

Interesting Trivia

Milo was developed by an Australian industrial chemist and inventor. It was introduced in 1934 at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. It got its name from Milo of Crotona, an athlete from Ancient Greece, known for his extraordinary strength. The Actigen-E found in every Milo drink is actually Nestle's trademarked name for the vitamins and minerals incorporated in the product. 


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