A First Try of J.Co Donuts

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I know J.Co Donuts has been here in the Philippines for several years now but this is my first try at tasting it. Blame it on the very few times my family and I had the chance to go out for the two previous years or so. We barely went out or ate out. Although I am not complaining since  my family enjoyed eating together at home most of the time, the child in me wanted to try out the many food items being advertised.

It is a good thing that we are having more chances to go out and enjoy these days. In one of our family's simple day out, our parents allowed my brother and I to buy any food we want to bring home. We both decided to go into a J.Co Donut Store and came out with this box of 6 donuts.

I asked the lady in the store what she can recommend. She quickly pointed to the Cheezy Rich which she says is their bestseller. So I said yes to this ensaymada-looking donut and chose the Caviar Strawberry and the Why Nut. My brother chose the Green Tease, Sugar Ice, and Crunchy Crunchy. There were actually many more to choose from but we will probably get to try them next time. 

Verdict: Really delicious!

See the other flavors here:


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