Jollibee Chicken Joy: Surprise in a Picnic Basket

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Last Sunday, Mother's Day, I received a very nice surprise in the form of a picnic basket containing one of the most favorite food of Filipino families today - Jollibee Chicken Joy. It was such a timely gift not only because it was a special day for moms like me but also because I was not really up to the effort of going out to eat. Coming home from work feeling tired and sleepy, delicious food delivered at our doorstep is really such a blessing.

What Makes Jollibee Chicken Joy Popular?

I never cease to wonder at the multiple number of ways fried chicken can be produced. I have yet to taste truly identical ones coming from two different establishments or home cooks for that matter. Jollibee Chicken Joy is said to be popular among Filipino families because of its taste that caters to our flavor preference. Its especially crispy skin scores a lot of points for Filipino fast food consumers as well. The westernized flavor offered by close competitors apparently is not as appealing to the masses who comprise the bulk of Jollibee customers.

The Picnic Basket Idea

The Jollibee Chicken Joy that came in a picnic basket gave me an idea as to how our family can enjoy our meals in a different way. It would be very ideal to have a picnic in our clubhouse grounds or even right at our own garden for a change. Since summer is not yet over, it's not too late.


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