Hot Star Large Fried Chicken: The Size Factor

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The long queues we observed in several branches of Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken piqued our curiosity enough to want to try it ourselves. We finally did when my eldest daughter came home for a short visit. We found ourselves in the restaurant's Bluebay Walk branch in Pasay City one very hot afternoon, noticing instantly the extraordinarily large chicken pieces the customers are helping themselves to.

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken is said to be the leading chicken shop in Taiwan. It takes pride in its humongous chicken fillet serving comparable to the size of the human face. It started in 1992 as a small kiosk in a Taiwan market but is now offering the same product that made it famous in several other countries including  Hong Kong, Shanghai, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, and the Philippines.

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Like most customers entering a food establishment for the first time, we checked out the food offerings as well as the prices which we found reasonable. The place was filled with customers when we came in but we managed to get a table in a matter of minutes when one group left. Our first question to the person taking our order : What is your best-seller? Her answer: BBQ Large Fried Chicken.

Our Orders

Since we have many children in tow, we decided to play safe and chose the fried chicken. We ordered one of each variant, Original, Crispy, BBQ, and Spicy. We also ordered spaghetti and fries for the younger ones plus the Blue Lemonade for our drinks. 

We were all actually very excited with the size of the chicken we were served as it was already 2 in the afternoon and we all haven't had our lunch. However, we were rather disappointed with the flavor and all the adults in our group felt there was something missing. Because of the large chicken servings, we got to taste a bit of each variant and didn't catch much difference in flavor. Even the unlimited gravy wasn't enough to cover that common observation. The upside is still the size of the chicken.

Our Family's Verdict

In a scale of 1(lowest) to 5 (highest)

Ambiance: 4
Food       : 3
Price       : 4