Water as the Best Beverage for Dining

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My wife shared to me a very interesting information which she was told during a dine-out at Marcia Adams Restaurant, right after attending an event. This pertains to water being the best beverage for discovering real food flavor. Come to think of it, that really makes sense.

Here are some of the reasons why:

Water Does Not Mask the Food Flavor

Water, being devoid of additives will reveal what the food really tastes like. I know there are many recommended beverage partners for many food to make the dining experience more pleasurable but if you are after discovering the flavor being offered by any viand, water is the best way to go. 

Water is the Right Appetite Enhancer

In contrast to artificially sweetened beverages, water will not induce increased preference for sweets which can a health-risk when done habitually. It is something that people can take without having to think of dangers of consuming too much of. Going for water leaves enough allowance for indulging in dessert.

Water Aids in Digestion and Absorption

Diners tend to drink too much while waiting for food to be served as beverage is often served first. It is highly suggested by health practitioners to drink water before eating to aid in digestion. Recommended time is 30 minutes before taking a meal. Drinking water an hour after a meal facilitates absorption of food nutrients.


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