Fisher Farms Rellenong Bangus

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Rellenong Bangus is one of my wife's favorite fish viand, most especially during the holidays. Every year she would try her best to prepare a couple just to satisfy her craving and longing for the taste she remembers from her childhood. This year proved impossible to accomplish that because of her work schedule. Ingredients for making it were not in the list when we went for our last minute shopping last Christmas Eve.

Spotted in the Supermarket

Upon seeing my wife's face suddenly lighting up and her lips forming into a smile, I knew she found something to her liking. I wasn't a bit surprised when I saw her holding a box of Fisher Farms Rellenong Bangus. It would seem that she is not going to miss her favorite viand after all. 

In as much as we have already made initial preparations for 3 viands plus dessert for the celebration, which is more than enough for our family of four and a very few expected guests, we bought 2 boxes of the bangus just in case. That is just in case we get unexpected guests. We hardly find it fitting to serve any guest in our home anything short of a carefully prepared meal, even if we are on a tight budget.

Fisher Farms Rellenong Bangus to the Rescue

The food we prepared for Christmas Eve was more than enough. Our family still had a lot to eat for the whole of Christmas Day. Early this morning, when we got a text message from one of our closest friends that she will be dropping by for lunch with her spouse, I knew exactly what to prepare.

After baking the bangus for about 15 minutes, I garnished it with lettuce salad with boiled eggs and fried french fries. As you can see in the first photo, it turned out just fine. There is also an option to microwave the bangus for 5 minutes or pan fry it for 2 minutes.

We spotted some other products made by Fisher Farms and we expect to be trying them in the near future.

The Christmas Food Basket

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The Christmas Food Basket is  one of the most popular gift choices for the holiday season. This is not surprising as it can be the most practical, creative, and personalized gift that anyone would love to receive. Although it can contain just about anything from food to toiletry products, a Christmas Basket containing the season's food favorites is the most preferred.


Christmas Food Basket Variations

Traditionally, Christmas food baskets would contain non-perishable items such as fruitcake, jams, wine, cheese,and dried meat. Gift-givers through can choose to give a holiday meal that is expected to be consumed immediately. The choice would depend on the recipient and the timing of the gift-giving.

Create Your Own Christmas Gift Packs

Due to the real demand for practical gift ideas, Suy Sing, the country’s leading one-stop wholesale grocery distribution company is now offering the  “create your own” Christmas grocery gift packs  in three easy steps:

1. First, choose from Suy Sing’s extensive collection of grocery Christmas items which are available at everyday low prices.

2. Next, select the packaging that best fits your needs. Choose from a variety of storage boxes, pails, and eco-friendly grocery bags of different colors & sizes.

3. Lastly, pay for your orders through their easy payment options. What’s more, a minimum P50,000 worth of Christmas gift packs entitles you to free packing, free delivery, and exclusive rewards!

For the utmost convenience of holiday gift giving, Suy Sing also offers  pre-designed Christmas gift packs worth P300, P500, P750 and P1,000 (Carlo Rossi Red Wine, My Everyday Elbow Macaroni, Shanghai Chinese Luncheon Meat, Magnolia Cheezee, Del Monte Spaghetti Sauce, Alaska Crema, Mama Sita’s Oyster Sauce, Mama Sita’s Barbecue Marinade, Primera Light Brandy, Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise, Del Monte Four Seasons Juice, Pik-Nik Shoestring Original).

With Suy Sing’s customizable and ready-to-go Christmas gift packs, shopping for the perfect holiday gifts for corporate clients and friends becomes more convenient and affordable. For gift basket bulk orders, call 706-8822; 706-8835; 706-8840; 706-8846; 706-8857; 706-8871 or visit