Zeppanyaki Opens at SM City Sta Rosa

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Zeppanyaki recently opened at SM City Sta Rosa. By its name, it is easy to conclude that it specializes in Japanese food. My family got to try it the other day and we sure are glad we did.

Food is cooked in full view of customers. That leaves no question about freshness. Customers know what exactly they are waiting for.

Food presentation is simple but inviting. 

Having a balanced meal for the family isn't a problem.

Eating out after an event for a family of bloggers like mine is automatic. We get to share our views over good food. That makes our day even more enjoyable.

The next time you find yourself at SM City Sta Rosa Food Court craving for Japanese food, try out Zeppanyaki. With its competitive price, you won't blow your budget even if you have your family in tow.

Kitchen Masters Competition Showcases the Best of Laguna

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The Kitchen Masters Competition was launched last April 11 at SM City Sta. Rosa. It is in line with the Department of Tourism's "Flavor of the Philippines" event. This event seeks to showcase the best of Filipino cuisines through various activities such as regional food festivals , food tours, farm trips, and other gastronomy-related events. 

Kitchen Masters Competition

For Laguna, the Kitchen Masters Competition is the event to watch. This competition will feature not only the finest chefs of Laguna but also the best of Laguna in terms of produce and flavor. Each chef will have his/her own team of apprentices composed of Culinary Arts students of Malayan Colleges Laguna

Each team will be given the challenge to prepare and cook three dishes using three food items indigenous to Laguna as the main ingredient. These are the duck (itik) for the appetizer, entree or main course; kesong puti for the pasta; and fiddlehead fern (paco leaves) for the salad. The competition proper is now happening at Malayan Colleges Laguna. The winning team is expected to be announced during the Finale event to be held at SM City Sta. Rosa Activity Grounds on April 17. 

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Learning from the Masters

The Kitchen Masters Competition is an opportune time for students to see kitchen masters in the person of the five featured chefs at work. They will also be working with them in the common goal to win. Win or lose however, everyone wins with the experience especially if it initiates real dedication to lift Filipino cuisine to world-class level.

Featured chefs include:

Chef Karen Nina Villaflor
Chef Cherriza Canlas Filamor
Chef Emmanuel Recio
Chef Von Byron Ebron
Chef Roel Rodrigo

With the great variety found in the country's cuisine, it can be challenging to be a master of all. It makes sense therefore to start from home and home for most participants is Laguna. Every culinary journey starts here.