Our Good Ol' Osterizer Blender

If there is a kitchen appliance that has served my family well for more than 25 years, it is our Osterizer Blender. It has served so many delicious, cold shakes and smoothies that we can no longer count. When its blade got broken sometime last year, we didn't buy another blender as it was such a waste of money seeing that it was still in excellent condition except for the blade.

Search for Replacement Parts

We searched high and low for a replacement blade. We asked appliance stores that sell the brand. We even searched online and found none. One day, while my wife and I was in Alabang Town Center, we noticed a store that sold Oster and Coleman products. There, our search unexpectedly ended and we were again able to use our blender.

We were definitely not mistaken in choosing it. Imagine, I bought it even before my wife and I got married. Even then, we enjoyed drinking smoothies. It satisfied our craving for something cold, sweet but healthy. 

The Oster Brand

Oster introduced its first Osterizer Blender in 1946 and it has remained one of its best-selling products up to the present. It is quite interesting to know that the first product of the brand is a hand-operated hair clipper. It was actually well known in the grooming industry.

The company diversified into small home electric appliances when it purchased Stevens Electric which invented the liquefier blender. Eventually, its list of products included breadmakers, juice extractors, mixers, and toasters. In the mean time, Oster blenders were made more powerful to be able to perform different food preparation tasks such as grinding and pureeing, among others.

Shakes and Smoothies

Our good ol' Osterizer Blender has been providing us the joy of experimenting with shakes and smoothies. We have used different fruits , vegetables, milk, and other possible flavorings that gave us the variety we crave for without having to spend so much. My children even put on toppings as they please.

Today, it proudly occupies its space in our kitchen. I expect it to serve our family for many more years. All I can say is that it has given us the value of our money many times over, something that cannot really be said for most appliances.

Arla Cheesy Spread: The Goodness of Cow's Milk in a Spread

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It is easy to know when our children's taste buds are yearning for something different. We actually have to tell them it's time to eat when ordinarily they will be asking to eat earlier than schedule. My wife and I learned that it would be wiser to offer them variations rather than wait for them to get tired of the usual products we buy. Yesterday, we found Arla Cheesy Spread during our weekly trip to the supermarket.

Bread and Spread

Bread with any kind of spread is probably the easiest meal to prepare for breakfast and snacks. Also, it is more nutritious and cost efficient than other snacks preferred by young people. That is why we always make it a point to have any kind of spread ready at any given time hunger strikes.

Arla Cheesy Spread Taste Test

Whenever we try any new product, we always buy it in the smallest size. This is to ensure that we do not waste money if the product turns out unfavorable in our judgement. That is exactly what we did when we bought Arla Cheesy Spread.

The Judgement

The mild and creamy taste of Arla Cheesy Spread was very much to everyone's liking. The label says it is made of fresh cow's milk. We did a little research and found out that Arla produces its own milk which effectively facilitates the farm-to-table process. The family liked it so much I just had to try it on something else aside from regular bread. 

What do you know? It was likewise a hit with my home-made pita bread with meat filling.