Clara Ole Jams and Jellies-Childhood Favorite Resurrected

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Jams and jellies were very much a part of my young life especially when it came to snacks and school "baon". Jam or jelly-filled sandwich is one of the easiest to prepare without sacrificing taste and nutrition. I was actually very excited to see so many choices during my family's recent visit to the grocery store through Clara Ole Jams and Jellies.

Childhood Favorite

Life was a lot simpler then, so much so that a delicious sandwich usually represented the highlight of my school recess. It was so easy to prepare that I actually did it myself. Aside from helping my mother who was evidently stressed with having to attend to so many things at the same time while trying to ensure that my siblings and I reach our school on time, I had the advantage of putting in as much jam or jelly to my sandwich to my heart's content.

Temporary Abstention

With the coming of other options for sandwich preparation like cold cuts as well as other sandwich spreads, I found myself forgetting about jams and jellies. Aside from the occasional strawberry jam from Baguio provided by friends and relatives, finding jam and jelly in our pantry became scarce. I think that is about to change with my discovery of Clara Ole Jams and Jellies which is literally my childhood favorite resurrected.

My Children's Take

I wasn't sure if my own children would take to it like I did. My wife bought the Orange Marmalade first intending to use it for cooking. When my two young children saw it, they asked if they can use it for their sandwiches and of course I said yes. It was finished in no time. They were asking to try all the variants which we are doing right now by buying a different one every week. Once again, our family found ourselves enjoying the same food without having to spend so much.

Expect me to use these jams and jellies in my future cooking sessions.


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