#AMAtriciana Campaign to Help Collect Funds for People Affected by Earthquake in Central Italy

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Last August 24, 2016, a powerful 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit Central Italy destroying countless properties and killing a number of people. One of the areas greatly affected by the earthquake is Amatrice with around 193 people confirmed dead. The death toll is expected to rise as rescuers reach the remote areas. The scenic Town of Amatrice is a very popular destination for people trying to escape the summer heat due to its geographical location. Amatrice is also the birthplace of the spaghetti Amatriciana - a culinary delight well known for its tomato-based pasta sauce that includes pork jowl or cheek, olive oil, white wine, chili and an Italian cheese made from ewes' milk called pecorino cheese. The town of Amatrice holds an annual festival in honor of the traditional all'amatriciana spaghetti that attracts quite a number of people.
#AMAtriciana is an initiative launched by chefs in Italy and abroad to help collect funds needed for the areas of central Italy devastated by the recent powerful earthquake. Through their signature “spaghetti amatriciana”, the dish that has become the symbol of the Town of Amatrice, they are asking restaurateurs throughout the world to participate in person and help those who are in real need.
For every plate of “spaghetti amatriciana “ ordered in participating restaurants, 2 euros will be donated to the Italian Red Cross: one by the restaurateur and one by the customer.
Are you a RESTAURATEUR and want to participate? Here's how.
- Print the poster available at this link and display it in your restaurant

- Inform your customers, being as clear as possible about how donations will be handled and used.
- Collect all proceeds and make a credit transfer (or more than one transfer) using the IBAN of the Italian Red Cross indicated on the poster.
- IBAN: IT38R0760103000000000900050
for donatios: Associazione Italiana della Croce Rossa
- IBAN: IT40F0623003204000030631681
Beneficiariy: Associazione Italiana della Croce Rossa
Payment description: "Terremoto Centro Italia - amatriciana"
A map of participating restaurants is being prepared: http://bit.ly/2bM1Nqs
If you would like your restaurant to be included, send them a private message with the following details:
- Name of restaurant
- Address
- City/Town
- Region/State
- Photo of poster displayed in your restaurant as proof of participation

Here is the link to their facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/AMAtricianaAiuti/
Please note that this page is run by volunteers, and that will they will try to answer everyone.

This kind of initiative shows how food can be used to help people in need.


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