Griffin's Cookie Bear Biscuits

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My daughter Ada has the knack for spotting new items to buy at the supermarket. She spotted the Griffin's Cookie Bear probably the first time it was displayed in the grocery store we go to every week. It was expected especially with it's eye-catching packaging. So guess what?  We ended up buying the three variants to satisfy her curiosity (as well as ours) of what makes this different from the others. 

Cookie Bear

Before we talk about the biscuits, let's get to know some facts about the brand. Cookie Bear, also known as CB, is a popular character in New Zealand. It was originally associated with Hudson's which eventually became known as Griffins biscuits. The early advertisements actually featured a man dressed in bear suit, depicted as a lover of biscuits, proclaiming that Hudson's brand was the best. The Cookie Bear character became immediately popular and was heavily used in advertisements.


Griffin's Foods was founded in 1864 in New Zealand but acquired the rights to Cookie Bear when it bought Hudson's in 1989. In 1990, Danone acquired Griffin's who in turn divested it to Pacific Equity Partners in 2006. Universal Robina acquired Griffin's in 2014 and announced  that it is expanding the Griffin's brand to the Southeast Asian market starting with the Philippines. That is essentially why these well-loved biscuits are now a familiar sight in local supermarkets and grocery stores.

We saw three variants of the Griffin's Cookie Bear available which we tried in three consecutive days: 

Griffin's Cookie Bear Chocolate Milky Bears

These bear-shaped chocolate milky biscuits are too cute to eat. Since they look so delicious, we cannot resist. My children chose to dunk it in cold milk and obviously enjoyed it. It was actually a perfect choice for a warm day.

Griffin's Cookie Bear Hundreds and Thousands (Pink)

These milk cookies with pink icing and party sprinkles really taste good. My daughter wants to have these available in our home the next time she has friends visiting her. Seeing how attractive they are, I'm not surprised.

Griffin's Cookie Bear Hundreds and Thousands (Chocolate)

These milk cookies dipped in chocolate with sprinkles is equally delicious with the first two. We ate these on a cold rainy day with hot cocoa. It was a feel-good overload of chocolate goodness and contentment.

All these variants are made with real New Zealand milk. As of this writing, we have already spotted other Griffin's Cookie Bear choices. I'm sure we will be trying them as well soon. 

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