Shakey's Christmas Ham Pizza

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When it comes to food, nothing screams Christmas like Christmas Ham does. So when my family was offered to try the Christmas Ham Pizza when we decided to eat at Shakey's Paseo de Sta. Rosa, we readily agreed. As lovers of both pizza and ham, we saw no reason not to. 

Shakey's Christmas Ham Pizza

Shakey's couldn't have picked a better time to come out with the Christmas Ham Pizza with the holidays upon us. Slices of ham, bacon, bell peppers, pineapple tidbits, cheese, and ham glaze are placed on top of Shakey's signature thin crust pizza. Of course, we were not surprised that we all loved it.


Our family however is not one to settle for just one pizza. We just had to have our old time favorite Chicken "n" Mojos. We looked for the best deal where we can enjoy both at a lower price.

Shakey's Family Meal Deals

We saw Shakey's Family Meal Deals and chose the Family Meal Deal 2. Note that this is good for 5-6 persons but it was just right for the 4 of us. The package included a Large Thin Crust Manager's Choice Pizza, Spaghetti Platter, 5 pieces Buddy Pack Chicken "n" Mojos, and 1 Pitcher of House Blend Iced Tea.

We replaced the Manager's Choice Pizza with the Christmas Ham Pizza without additional cost. I'm sure you'll notice that additional Pepperoni Pizza. That was actually an added treat for us as we got that for free since we chose to get the Shakey's SuperCard and it was my daughter's birthday.

Shakey's SuperCard

Shakey's SuperCard is a loyalty rewards program that gives members exclusive offers and discounts. The birthday pizza treat is just one of them. With this card, I am expecting my family to be enjoying more pizza in the months ahead.

Cohen Cook-Off Challenge

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Enjoying delicious food and losing weight can be contradictory ideas. At the recently concluded Cohen Cook-Off Challenge, I found out that this is not exactly true. Cohen's Lifestyle Centre showed the way to a healthy yet enjoyable lifestyle.

Before the start of the competition, the invitees were treated to a sampling of the products of the Cohen style of preparing food. The main idea is to "let food become our medicine". Not much fun living if we end up being sick because of our lifestyle and the food we eat. That idea therefore makes perfect sense.

The Competitors

Cohen's Lifestyle Center posed a challenge to its clients to come up with a meal that can be quickly prepared at home while facilitating safe and effective weight loss. Showcasing their original recipes were Mary Ann “Dr. Ianne” Tangcangco, 40, a physician who lost 35 lbs. on the program so far; Marian Remo, 30, a businesswoman who lost 16 lbs. to date; and Carrie Luis, 26, a freelance assistant who just started the program.

(L-R) Cohen Cook-off Challenge winner Marian Remo and contestants Carrie Luis and Mary Ann “Dr. Ianne” Tangcangco

The Winning Entry...

Remo won the cook-off challenge with her dish, Beef Stuffed Zucchini with Mango Salsa to take home the grand prize, a Cohen Kitchen Showcase worth P30,000!  

...and the Other Worthy Entries

Tangcangco prepared an Apple Cake

Luis prepared Mushroom Frittata

Cohen's Lifestyle Program

Backed by years of scientific and medical research, Cohen’s Lifestyle Program is a personalized and rapid weight-loss and wellness program that focuses on proper nutrition and uses food as medicine. Each client’s unique blood profile is used as the basis for an individualized eating plan that recommends the personalized quantities of specific types of food that correct the hormonal imbalance that causes weight gain and obesity. 

(L-R) Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre consultant Lorraine Timbol, director Regina Chuavon, CEO Barbara Young and chef Pixie Sevilla

“The Cohen Program has a track record of success in delivering rapid weight loss using only food as medicine. We provide a safe, effective and scientific method of achieving a slimmer and healthier body, where all other methods may have failed,” said Barbara Young, Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre CEO and a certified life coach. 

“Cohen’s Lifestyle Program takes a holistic approach to losing weight. We don’t just guide you in losing weight but we also teach a healthier lifestyle, including cooking and eating habits and the way you look at food. You don’t need to be a chef to be able to prepare healthy, delicious meals. With a little bit of creativity in preparing food, losing weight can actually be fun. With the Cohen Cook-Off Challenge, we hope to inspire more people to take charge of their own health by getting involved in the preparation of their own food” Young added.

Healthy, Delicious, and Easy-to-Prepare

The Cohen Cook-Off Challenge just proved that we can actually enjoy healthy, delicious, and easy-to-prepare meals. We need not make it difficult to lose weight in having to do with bland food. Equipment needed may be readily available in our kitchens. Ingredients are widely available as well in local supermarkets.

Cohen’s Lifestyle Centre offers complimentary information sessions. To schedule an appointment, you may call the Makati office at 828-5251 or (0917) 892-6436.

To know more about Cohen’s Lifestyle Program, visit, or visit on Facebook and on Instagram.