Cooking with Ajinomoto's Sarsaya Oyster Sauce

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Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation recently launched its newest product Sarsaya Oyster Sauce and this got me very interested. For a person who loves to cook, any food product introduced will always be a subject of interest. Why not when it can allow me to come up with meals that excite the palate of my family, making me more fulfilled in what I do. 

Celebrity Endorser

No less than the Primetime King Coco Martin was chosen to be the product endorser of Sarsaya Oyster Sauce. I heard that he is also very much into cooking, being a big fan of his lola's cooking and a with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management to boot. I'm certainly glad to know that men are really very much into cooking and proud of it, just like Chef Mcrhyan Rodrigo who facilitated the cooking demo and cook-off.

Taste Test for Sarsaya Oyster Sauce

With Sarsaya Oyster Sauce now in our kitchen, I lost no time in trying it. Here are two recipes I got from Ajinomoto using their newest product. 

Pancit Canton

My Version:

Ginisarsayang Kangkong with Tokwa

My Version:

The Verdict

Using the Sarsaya Oyster Sauce in these seemingly ordinary dishes indeed provided a new dimension to flavor. It lent its blend of savory, sweet, and salty taste perfectly to the dish, providing just the perfect touch to a satisfying meal without incurring extraordinary cost. I would certainly be experimenting more with my cooking using the Sarsaya Oyster Sauce in the days to come. I'm also checking out the other spices and seasonings available from Ajinomoto.


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