Father's Day Treats from Royce Hotel and Casino

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June is a special month for fathers. It is the perfect time to reward the hardworking man of the house with a special treat in the form of relaxation, food, and entertainment. All these are possible in a luxurious place like Royce Hotel and Casino.

Accommodation Deal

One of the simplest ways to give back to your Dad is to just let him do his “thing”. Give him the freedom to unwind and enjoy a vacation at his own pace. Does he like wild adventures? Take him on Royce’s Daddy Safari to Zoocobia. The package includes deeply comforting accommodations so he can just relax. And if you book the It’s Dad’s Time package for Father’s Day, you can even avail of great room rates, passes to the swimming pool, buffet perks, and an exclusive gift for our beloved fathers.

Junior Suite
Deluxe King
Deluxe Triple
Dining Deal

All Dads love a good feast. At Royce, all your Dad’s cravings will surely be sated. Royce’s gastronomic hubs have great treats for every guest. If your Dad has a sweet tooth, dine with a group of four at The Lounge and get free Almond Nut Caramel Lattes each if your bill is at least P1,500. 

Those who visit Café Majestic will get free Kimbap when you buy food worth at least P1,000. Or if modern comfort food is more of your Dad’s tastes, then dine at the Empire Bar and Lounge to enjoy his favourite pizza and 10 bottles of beer for just P998! And just for Father’s Day, Dads get a buffet meal for free for every festive lunch or dinner for two.

The Lounge Restaurant
Empire Bar and Lounge
Amare by Chef Chris Restaurant
Fun and Games Deal

Royce Hotel and Casino Facade
Another way to give your Dad a Father’s Day he’ll never forget is to give him winning moments #OnlyAtRoyce. Take him for a day of great games at the casino and get a chance to win fantastic prizes just by playing. 

Casino Entrance
Casino Lobby
As long as you avail of a carded Royce Rewards membership, you can be one of the lucky 100 members who’ll win P500 worth of slot non-cashable promotional tickets. 

Being a certified foodie that my husband is, he would really love to sample the dining deal as described above. I'm sure other dads would have every reason to visit the hotel, whether it be to experience the food, accommodation, or games. 

Check out the hotel's Father's Day perks and promos and offer a one-of-a-kind experience to the best Dad in the world. 

New Look for Coke in Cans

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Have you noticed anything new about the look  of Coke in Cans? Seems to me there is an attempt to have the variants attain a unified look judging from the predominance of the color red. So instead of seeing the usual black Coke Zero and  the familiar silver Coke Light, we now see them sporting just a sliver of their original can colors to make way for the iconic Coke red disc. Standing side by side with Coke Original, they actually look like one family.

The Coca Cola Red Disc

The Coca Cola Red Disc is a sight so familiar, no one can mistake it for anything else. Essentially a flat red circle with the brand name at the center, it has become part of Coca Cola products since its introduction during the 1930's. The use of the Red Disc was systematized in 1947 for retail signage. As new products rolled out in varying colors and themes, this red disc remained a constant for branding purposes.

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Now it has been chosen by the company as the unifying factor for branding all its products. By doing so, the company hopes to unite all its variants under the Coca Cola Trademark through its so-called One Brand Strategy. Since packaging is the most visible way of achieving this, such marketing move is easily understood.

One Brand

We are expecting therefore to see related changes in other Coca Cola Products, not just in Coke in Cans. The company admittedly has an asset in the Red Disc. It simply makes sense to use it to present its line of products under one distinctive brand.