New Look for Coke in Cans

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Have you noticed anything new about the look  of Coke in Cans? Seems to me there is an attempt to have the variants attain a unified look judging from the predominance of the color red. So instead of seeing the usual black Coke Zero and  the familiar silver Coke Light, we now see them sporting just a sliver of their original can colors to make way for the iconic Coke red disc. Standing side by side with Coke Original, they actually look like one family.

The Coca Cola Red Disc

The Coca Cola Red Disc is a sight so familiar, no one can mistake it for anything else. Essentially a flat red circle with the brand name at the center, it has become part of Coca Cola products since its introduction during the 1930's. The use of the Red Disc was systematized in 1947 for retail signage. As new products rolled out in varying colors and themes, this red disc remained a constant for branding purposes.

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Now it has been chosen by the company as the unifying factor for branding all its products. By doing so, the company hopes to unite all its variants under the Coca Cola Trademark through its so-called One Brand Strategy. Since packaging is the most visible way of achieving this, such marketing move is easily understood.

One Brand

We are expecting therefore to see related changes in other Coca Cola Products, not just in Coke in Cans. The company admittedly has an asset in the Red Disc. It simply makes sense to use it to present its line of products under one distinctive brand. 


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