What Makes a Restaurant Kid-Friendly

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One need not be a very keen observer to note that the choice on where to eat out for families with younger kids tends to be highly influenced by the preference of the kids. Restaurant owners quickly caught up with this trend and many have taken steps to make their places  as kid-friendly as possible.  For me, a kid-friendly restaurant can be summed up in three words: EAT, PLAY and ENTERTAIN.


Kids  know exactly what they want to eat. A restaurant is hardly the perfect place to start forcing a child to eat something. Thus, it is best for restaurants looking to capture this market to offer food choices that will quickly get the resounding yes of kids while getting the nod of approval of parents.

Simply having a kids' menu will not guarantee that families with kids will become customers. Food presentation makes a whole lot of difference. Studies have shown just how effective seemingly small details like attractively colored beverage cups and straws or rainbow sprinkles on food are drastically increasing sales. Of course, parents would be more than happy if it came as well with food that provides nutrients that kids need.


The attraction of seeing a play area in a restaurant cannot be denied. The sight is like a magnet to a child's eye. A play area in a restaurant is synonymous to fun eating in a young mind's dictionary. 

It is very important however that play areas, whether located inside or outside the restaurant, are safe. Aside from sturdy play equipment, it is critical that the play area flooring is able to prevent slips and accidents. Restaurant owners would do well to consult reliable paving contractors. This makes it possible to have exciting play areas that assure safety of the kids while having fun.


Parents know how advantageous it is to dine in a restaurant that provides entertainment to children. Waiting for the food to be served or allowing parents to eat after the children are done, can happen without a lot of whining going on. Having everyone happy and contented makes for a very pleasurable dining experience, not only for the kids but the whole family.

Entertainment may come in the form of educational activities or other recreational activities. It doesn't really take much to get the attention and cooperation of children. Restaurant owners can take a cue from popular kid-friendly restaurants that are offering their own brand of fun eating.


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