Let Hershey's Chocolate Do the Talking

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These chocolate bars got my attention really fast when I was at the supermarket with my wife. I can't help thinking how it has become so easy to express one's emotion especially in this love month of February. Seems like there is no need to slave through doing one letter to give to a loved one.

I suppose it is the sign of the times when everything seem to happen fast. These Hershey's chocolate bars can say it all for a boy wanting to profess his love to a girl or even as a reminder to love one's self. For all intents and purposes, these chocolate bars can do the talking.

Chocolates have long been associated with love or profession of love. Eating chocolate is said to result to feeling good or even the feeling of being in love. The truth about this claim is at best doubtful but one thing I'm sure of is that eating chocolates give me a comforting feeling, something that can be very elusive to many adults living in today's stressful world.