Asian Salads: The Book Review

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People who are into salads specifically of the Asian variant would definitely treat this book a treasure to behold, Asian Salads by Maki Watanabe provides 72 inspired recipes from Vietnam, China, Korea, Thailand, and India. What makes these recipes so inviting to try is their simplicity in preparation. What with all those shortcut and substitute tips given in the instructions. It would be difficult to go wrong.

The book is comprised of 6 Chapters including:
  • Marinated and Pickled Salads
  • Light and Refreshing Salads
  • Seafood Salads
  • Salads with Meat and Chicken
  • Salads with Fritters, Spring Rolls and Other Fried Snacks
  • Stir-Fried Salads and Vegetables
But before you even get to the first chapter, you are given a fitting introduction by familiarizing you with common Asian seasonings and pantry items as well as basic Asian cooking terms. You will even get some suggestions for drinks you can enjoy with these salads.

Several Asian dressings are featured that you can use according to your preference depending on what flavor you would like to revel in for a particular dining experience. You can choose to complete the experience by using authentic kitchen and tableware pieces from around Asia. The choice is really all up to you and that is the best part. You get to eat healthy without sacrificing food aesthetics and flavor.

It is my view that Tuttle Publishing did right in publishing this book. It is something that will not overwhelm neophyte cooks nor bore seasoned ones. The author's passion for Asian salads shines through in every page and that is something every reader can start on.

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