The Knott's Berry Farm Signature Collection Raspberry Shortbread

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In 1920,  Walter and Cordelia  Knott  began selling fresh produce, berries, home-made jams  made with real puréed fruit, jellies and preserves that have chunks of luscious fruit in each spoonful, from a roadside berry stand in Buena Park, California.

Their family business earned a place in history in 1932 when Walter Knott cultivated a luscious new fruit; a cross between a raspberry, a loganberry and a blackberry - the boysenberry.  The farm that started it all became a family amusement park that delights millions.     

Today the Knott family is pleased to extend their tradition of quality, using  the tried and tested recipes and farm-fresh fruits that made the name "Knott's Berry Farm" famous to include premium  shortbread cookies.  Richly flavorful, these classic favorites are prepared using popular Knott's Berry Farm fruit fillings made with sun-ripened fruit, grown and harvested from the best places on earth. .  

Besides the Raspberry Shortbread, you should also try the Knott's Berry Farm Premium Bite-size cookies: Strawberry Shortbread.  

My wife's brother sent us these all-so great tasting cookies and boy everyone loved it.  The moment the packaged arrived, everyone stopped whatever we are doing and started munching these delicious cookies.  


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