Disadvantages of Having Pineapples on Pizza to the Consumers and its Producers

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My eldest son Reuben Pio was previously the editor-in-chief of their school's  publication, Echoes. Many articles were sent to him for editing, and from there, he and his board members would select which would be published in the school's newspaper.

While he was away in college, I was cleaning up his room one day and found a hand-written article about pizzas and pineapples, written on a piece of paper. I have no idea if this particular article was printed in the newspaper or not, but while I was reading it, I enjoyed it. I was smiling a little, wondering why would a young mind would think about such a topic. I thought it might be worth sharing, so here it is, no alterations, no edits whatsoever. 

People in this generation aren't fond of eating Hawaiian-style pizza because of certain disadvantages it brought.

Pros and Cons

- One reason why people aren't completely fond of eating Hawaiian-style pizza, is because of the fruit itself that's added as toppings.  Pineapples have a certain 
amount of a calories which may lead to poor health status of its consumers.

- Another reason is that "pizza" goes under the field of Italian dishes, while pineapples, on the other hand, is under Hawaiian.  Therefore, it is possible that Italians may be offended because of the alteration of their original dish.  

- Another reason of why people aren't very fond of it is because of the content itself.  The pizza itself costs highly since its one of the famous modern food that is served in this generation and if chefs decides to add pineapples inits ingredients/recipe, it'll only add up to its price.  

Not only these, but Hawaiian pizzas have, of course, some advantages as well.

- One of these were its food content as well.  Pineapples, as people all may or may not know, have certain food content  that's beneficial to peoples sickness like high blood pressure for example.

- Another advantage that can be stated is that it has certain vitamins that is needed by the human body in its everyday life, like Vitamin C.

- Lastly, people can add other ingredients and not only pineapples, that can result in a more satisfying taste.

One solution that can be used to tolerate some disadvantages of Hawaiian Pizzas,, is "minimalization".  "Minimalizing" means to " reduce to minimal", supporting the quote "Extensive usage of something is harmful". In relation to the topic, it means reducing the usage of pineapples and balancing its ingredients may result to a better health for people as well as their enjoyment.


Therefore, the writer concludes that pineapple-topped pizzas may be disadvantageous to people as well as to those who make business of it, but minimalization might be useful to help maintain the satisfaction of those who eat and sells it.    



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