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Welcome to the Ambos Mundos Family Food Blog!

Our family finds real pleasure in eating. We genuinely enjoy it and consider good food one of the simple joys of living. That pleasure is doubled when we are able to share the experience as a family.

Get to know our family:

Our head of the family grew up with the comfort of real home-cooked food. Blessed with parents who enjoyed cooking the old-fashioned way, it is not surprising that he is able to whip up simple delights using only the most basic ingredients. He often surprises us with delicious food even in the tightest budget situation.

Our mom of the house is the exact opposite of our dad. She literally grew up with restaurant food specifically from Ambos Mundos Restaurant. She studied baking and for a time baked in a frenzy until parental and work duties took over. She is hoping to get that fire back again.

The big brother of the family has a keen interest on any information or trivia about food. He is absolutely adventurous when it comes to food but has specific difficulty in eating his vegetables. He loves pizza and hamburger.

The youngest in our family is always the first one to spot new items in the grocery. She is quick to check the price and knows what it's for before she proposes its inclusion in the list. She loves fruits and ice cream.

The big sister in our family already has her own family. We are counting on her to provide interesting food articles from her own food discoveries beyond the Philippine territory.

Ambos Mundos Restaurant
(Translation: Two Worlds or Both Worlds)
Not a person but definitely part of our family, this trade name is where the name of our family food blog was derived. Although this blog is not exactly about Ambos Mundos Restaurant, we felt we cannot go with any other name when we talk about food. In its tradition of merging two worlds in its cuisine, this blog will try to merge our family's world with yours as you join us in our food experiences.

If you want your food-related product or service reviewed, please contact Ramon Martinez through email: ambosmundosfamilyfoodblog@gmail.com

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