Gardenia Rolling Bread Store

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The Gardenia Rolling Bread Store is rolling along different villages and residential areas to bring bread value packs to consumers. Today, the Gardenia truck entered our village to do just that. It is a welcome convenience since there is no need to go out to enjoy bread.

Rolling stores are not exactly new in the food industry. They were already in existence even before mechanical vehicles were invented. It was common to see horse drawn rolling stores bringing their merchandise to the people instead of buyers having to go to town to buy what they need.

Eventually, bright-painted trucks would be seen stopping regularly on designated stops where buyers can go to. The offerings of rolling stores are varied, ranging from food to tools and clothing, or whatever sellers think is saleable. People started looking forward to the arrival of these stores on wheels.

We were able to buy several bread value packs offered by the Gardenia Rolling Bread Store. Obviously, buyers already have specific favorites which they look for. What is nice about the value packs is that it comes in pairs so we definitely get good value for P100 per pack.