Jollibee Kids Meal for a Merrier Christmas

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Jollibee just made Christmas a lot merrier for the kids with its newest breakfast and toy offering. My own children had their fill of excitement every time Jollibee came up with new toy treats for its Jollibee Kids Meals during their younger days. So I can truly understand how excited kids are for this treat.

ChocNut Pancakes

Jollibee introduces its newest addition to its breakfast roster - 2 Piece ChocNut Pancakes with regular pineapple juice. If breakfast is something that does not get your child pretty excited, this will surely result to a change of heart. It is offered in the very first ever Jolly Joy Box interactive packaging. Kids will also have 3 toy choices from Jollitown Build and Craft Blocks.

Jollitown Build and Craft Blocks

Jollitown Build and Craft Blocks feature Super Shapers, Jolly Stamper, and Fun Tracer—three sets of colorful blocks and pieces that kids can play with to build different structures using their creativity and imagination.

For the Super Shapers, little artists can press a button on the side of the pen tower to reveal the pen tip. They can use this to trace stencil images onto paper. They can also slide their picture in the photo frame slot while the other container can be used as a desk calendar. The two boxes can also be used as an organizer.

With the Jolly Stamper, kid designers can decorate their own Jollitown memo pad using the stamper with two stamp design plates. Pressing a button on top of the tower will also activate a light to reveal Hetty’s image.

Using the Fun Tracer, kids can easily trace Jollibee’s face onto paper by turning on a switch to project an image of everyone’s best friend. They can also display photos at the back slots and use the two main boxes as organizer.

For a bigger and more exciting play time experience, kids can collect and connect all three (3) toy sets to assemble their very own Jollitown house while enjoying the interactive games on the Jolly Joy Box that they have come to love and enjoy.

Collect all three (3) Jollitown Build and Craft Blocks in the first-ever Jolly Joy Box with your favorite Jollibee Kids Meal treats: Jolly Spaghetti (P90), Yumburger (P91), 1-piece Chickenjoy (P117), and the new 2-piece ChocoNut Pancakes (P95) for breakfast. All meals come with a regular pineapple juice. Let kids enjoy a more fun, creative and interactive learning experience this Christmas season with the Jollitown Build and Craft Blocks, available from December 1 to January 31 only!

Why Chicken Works: Fun Chicken Facts

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In most households all over the world, chicken is a favorite food staple. It is not identified with any age group and is generally acceptable to all. Here are some fun facts explaining why chicken works. 

Chicken is in our Past, Present, and Future

Chicken is known to be the first animal to be domesticated. It has proven to be most dependable in the aspect of breeding and providing continuous food supply to man including the eggs produced. Judging from the present consumption of chicken, we can expect chicken to be very much part of our gustatory future.

Nutritional Goldmine

Chicken is a natural source of antioxidants specifically zinc and selenium. It packs in so much nutrients that it is able to provide more than 20% of an adult's nutrient needs. This would include phosporous, niacin (B3), B6, and B12.

Chicken Fits All Flavors

Because of its neutral flavor, chicken works great in just about any recipe. This is true anywhere around the world. Just in case the primary meat ingredient is not available, chicken is always the safest substitute. 

Champion Source of Lean, Low-Fat Protein

Chicken is an excellent source of lean, low-fat protein. This helps the body build and develop muscles. It also aids in weight loss because of its metabolism boosters like selenium, riboflavin, and other B-complex vitamins.

Eating More Chicken Can Make You Happier

Ever wondered why chicken soup seems to uplift body and soul? Wonder not anymore. Chicken contains tryptophan, an amino acid that boosts serotonin levels.  It should be noted that many researchers believe that an imbalance in serotonin levels may influence mood in a way that leads to depression.

Based on the above fun facts, we will understand why chicken works for human food needs, whether it is for a simple meal or a gourmet exploration, and even while we are working hard on those body workouts.

Water as the Best Beverage for Dining

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My wife shared to me a very interesting information which she was told during a dine-out at Marcia Adams Restaurant, right after attending an event. This pertains to water being the best beverage for discovering real food flavor. Come to think of it, that really makes sense.

Here are some of the reasons why:

Water Does Not Mask the Food Flavor

Water, being devoid of additives will reveal what the food really tastes like. I know there are many recommended beverage partners for many food to make the dining experience more pleasurable but if you are after discovering the flavor being offered by any viand, water is the best way to go. 

Water is the Right Appetite Enhancer

In contrast to artificially sweetened beverages, water will not induce increased preference for sweets which can a health-risk when done habitually. It is something that people can take without having to think of dangers of consuming too much of. Going for water leaves enough allowance for indulging in dessert.

Water Aids in Digestion and Absorption

Diners tend to drink too much while waiting for food to be served as beverage is often served first. It is highly suggested by health practitioners to drink water before eating to aid in digestion. Recommended time is 30 minutes before taking a meal. Drinking water an hour after a meal facilitates absorption of food nutrients.