Factors to Consider in Choosing Boston Rentals

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Being one of the most populous cities in the United States, it is not surprising that it can be very challenging to find the ideal rental in Boston. It is considered one of the most economically powerful cities in the world. Reputable colleges and universities abound. The city's culture is rich by virtue of its history. Food options are many.

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All these make it easy to understand why competition among renters is stiff. According to recent research by Zumper, 66% of occupied housing units in Boston are renter-occupied as compared to 35% owner-occupied households.  This clearly shows just how many renters are competing over choice properties.
So what are the factors to consider in choosing Boston rentals? Here are the most important:
1. Timing of Search
When it comes to finding the right apartment in Boston, doing an early search is essential. This means starting your search several months before the target date of occupancy. Vacancy rate of properties for rent is very low so starting early provides more choices. January is the best time to start a lease in Boston while September is the worst because of the high number of students starting theirs.
Moving slowly in closing the rental deal may mean having to settle for less than your first priority because another renter beat you to it. It is common for renters to end up paying a higher rent because of so-called bidding wars. Using an online rental platform for your search gives you an advantage.

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2. Charges and Fees
Getting complete information about charges and fees is critical. It is obviously the first thing that you need to hurdle before the actual lease period starts. By law, owners can charge the first and last month's rent, security deposit equal to one month's rent, and a fee to buy and install new locks. 
Make sure to check the physical condition of the property so you don't end up having your security deposit forfeited for damages which are not your doing. Renter's insurance can provide coverage for accidents and natural disasters. Don't forget to ask about the inclusions of the rental rate such as utilities,storage, and parking.
3. Accessibility
Whether you are transferring to Boston to study or work, accessibility is a major issue. Traffic and long commutes can easily offset whatever advantage you first saw in your rented property. In the long run, this might even be the reason for you not to finish a lease agreement which will definitely cost you.
It would be ideal to view the property in person to have a first hand experience of traveling to the place. If this is not possible, requesting someone you trust in the area to check it for you is highly recommended. If still impossible, research can come in handy.
If you are to stay in Boston for quite some time, make sure you have considered the factors mentioned above before you sign on that dotted line. 


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