Potentials of Culinary Tourism

Culinary tourism refers to trips primarily made by travelers for the purpose of sampling authentic food and beverages identified with a particular place. Since most food can easily be transported from one place to another, culinary tourism throws in the whole package of food experience in an authentic setting. Such experience must be in such magnitude as to make it worthwhile for people to travel and spend.

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What are some of the reasons why travelers would be willing to take the effort?

Place of Origin

There is something so interesting about getting a specific food in the place which has been identified as its place of origin. Origin connotes authenticity in taste and presentation. In assessing the taste of any food, there is always the tendency to compare it to the original or the acknowledged best.

Place of Rebirth

It can happen that an existing food can be resurrected in some other place with some modification or innovation. Sometimes the results can be better than the original. It can also be a cultural variation that has managed to gain prominence.

Place of Total Experience

If there is one thing that cannot be completely approximated in a different setting, it is the total experience of authentic cooking, culture, people, and many other unseen factors. This provides the greatest motivation for culinary travelers to come and visit. The main goal is to pursue unique and drinking experiences that cannot be equaled. 


  1. A traveler's tales gives much attention to taste different kind of foods. More cuisines out there that are willing to be discovered.

  2. Food can really be a good selling point of a place and it's nice that culinary schools are on the rise for this one.

  3. that will be a fun thing to do... you can definitely learn a lot about a country in their food and cooking... and enjoy them as well. Yahweh bless.